Kendari Mayor Announces Himself Exposed to Covid-19

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Mayor of Kendari, Sulkarnain Kadir, when announcing he had Covid-19 on Tuesday (July 29, 2021)
Mayor of Kendari, Sulkarnain Kadir, when announcing he had Covid-19 on Tuesday (July 29, 2021)

After announcing that he was exposed to Covid-19, Kendari Mayor Sulkarnain Kadir’s health condition was stable. Even the results of racing and swabs to families and people who had met the mayor were declared negative, aka not exposed to Covid-19.

SULTRAKINI.COM: Kendari Mayor H. Sulkarnain Kadir has been confirmed positive for Covid-19. The Kendari City Health Office also carried out contact tracing on family members and the public who had contact with the mayor.

“This morning, we just had the opportunity to say hello to everyone, sorry for the last few days. We are focused on recovering the condition and following a series of tests that must be passed and it is true that we have been confirmed positive for Covid 19,” said Sulkarnain through a 1 minute 28 second video, Tuesday (29 June 2021).

Although confirmed positive for Covid, Sulkarnain’s health condition is relatively stable.

“Alhamdulillah, my condition is relatively stable and we take this opportunity to ask for prayers to all the people of the city of Kendari so that Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala will provide health and immediately pass the Cofid-19 exam and immediately carry out tasks and provide services to the entire community of Kendari City. ,” said Sulkarnain.

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Head of Kendari City Hospital, dr. Sukirman confirmed that the condition of the Mayor of Kendari is stable.

“Previously the mayor for three days did self-isolation at home, after that he went to the city hospital considering he had both parents at home so he decided to isolate at the city hospital, everything in his house had been swab and thank God the results were negative,” explained Sukirman.

The head of the Kendari City Health Office, dr. Rahminingrum, in an interview on MNC Trijaya Kendari Radio said that, before the Kendari Mayor issued an official video statement about his condition, the Health Office had already carried out tracing and swabs to people who had met him.

For those who feel that they have had close contact with the mayor, Rahminingrum hopes that they will immediately contact the city health office or the Kendari City Hospital to do a free antigen swab.

Let us always apply the health protocol with the 5M movement, wear masks, wash hands, maintain distance, avoid crowds and reduce mobility.

Report: Shen Keanu

Editor: M Djufri Rachim

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