Preventing Exposure to Covid-19, Andi Merya Performs a Swab Test with Rujab Employees

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Bupati Koltim Andi Merya saat melakukan tes swab PCR, (Foto: Hasrianty/SULTRAKINI.COM)
Bupati Koltim Andi Merya saat melakukan tes swab PCR, (Foto: Hasrianty/SULTRAKINI.COM)

SULTRAKINI.COM – Seeing the spread of Covid-19 in East Kolaka Regency (Koltim) increasing every day and preventing exposure to the virus, East Kolaka Regent Andi Merya invited his family, staff, and staff at the Regent’s Office to do a PCR swab test , Monday (28/6/2021).

Based on the results of the Swab from the East Kalimantan Health Office, 29 people who took part in the activity consisting of duty officers, aides, concierges, waiters, and drivers who live and work at the Regent’s Rujab, all tested negative for Covid-19.

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After undergoing a swab, Andi Merya said that this swab activity was one of the steps taken to find out whether or not he was infected with Covid-19 in his family and workplace.

“Alhamdulillah, the results are all negative. This means that I and my family and employees who work in Rujab daily must continue to be vigilant and introspective of this Covid-19, “he said.

The first female regent in Southeast Sulawesi also asked and appealed to the entire community of East Kalimantan and ASN in general to participate in carrying out swab tests and complying with health protocols to avoid the danger of this deadly virus.

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“As well as all the people of East Kolaka, I hope that they will remain obedient to the health protocols in order to avoid the outbreak,” he said.

According to him, Rujab is the place with the highest visits every day, so in order to avoid the spread of Covid-19, he asked that strict health protocols be carried out if you want to enter the Regent’s Rujab.

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“The point is that we must comply with health protocols such as wearing masks, washing hands, and not forgetting to measure body temperature with a maximum limit of 37.5 degrees Celsius,” he asked.

Separately, as part of an effort to anticipate or prevent the transmission of Covid-19 in East Kalimantan, the Regional Secretariat Division led by the Acting Regional Secretary for East Kalimantan Andi Muh Iqbal Tongasa also distributed masks to all OPDs within the local government.

The Regional Secretary representing the Regent of East Kalimantan, together with Assistant I of the Regional Secretariat of East Kalimantan Arisman, visited the OPD offices one by one while distributing masks that had been packaged in plastic bags.

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Not only sharing, they also always advised all office residents and the families of each staff, to continue to maintain health protocols such as wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining distance.

“Don’t forget to wear this mask, let’s help the government and all of us to break the chain of the spread of Covid-19. Obey Prokes so that we all avoid this virus,” said Andi Muh Iqbal Tongasa. (B)

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