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AMSI Secretary General, Wahyu Dyatmika at the Training of Trainers event to prepare materials, curriculum and training modules for Strengthening the Online Media Business.
AMSI Secretary General, Wahyu Dyatmika at the Training of Trainers event to prepare materials, curriculum and training modules for Strengthening the Online Media Business.

SULTRAKINI.COM: Two media members of the Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Association (AMSI) Southeast Sulawesi Region, namely and had the opportunity to take part in training on strengthening management, business and online media sustainability (Digital Media Management, Business Development and Sustainability) organized by AMSI Center is supported by Internews and USAID Media.

The two Southeast Sulawesi online media passed the selection together with 30 local and national media to take part in the training which took place last Monday, June 22 and will end June 29, 2021. Each media sent 3 representatives, representing the editors and the advertising/marketing department.

AMSI Chairperson, Wenseslaus Manggut said, this program was created so that digital media not only survives, but also thrives in the midst of a digital storm. To that end, the training materials discuss upstream to downstream, from media maps to digital ecosystems.

“We have to know the DNA of each media, and how it operates to monetization,” said Wens, Monday (28/6/2021).

Prior to the training, AMSI held a ToT (Training of Trainers) to prepare materials, curriculum and modules by bringing in many people. National agencies, publisher associations, lecturers, researchers to experienced practitioners in managing digital media.

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“The goal of this training is to build media that is healthy in content, and has a strong business going forward,” said Deputy Chair I AMSI, Suwarjono, who is also the person in charge of the program added.

There are 7 main materials given to the participants of this online training, namely: Business Environment, Brand Development, Business Management, Content Development, Distribution Development, Audience Development and Revenue Development. “So we dissect from A-Z digital media. From the initial vision of building media, management, content, distribution to business models,” said Jono.

The AMSI Secretariat received 49 applicants from 18 regions in Indonesia, such as Papua, Aceh, West Sumatra, North Sumatra, South Sulawesi, Bali, East Java, Central Java and Jakarta. After going through the selection process, 30 media teams were declared to have passed the training. They were divided into two groups.

The first training with the theme Business Environment took place on June 21, 2021. It was moderated by Suwarjono (Editor in Chief of and guest speaker Wahyu Dhyatmika (Editor in Chief of Tempo Magazine). Dwi Eko Lokononto (Editor in Chief of East Java News) has filled the Brand Development theme on June 22, 2021. Meanwhile, Suwarmin (Director of Business and Content has filled the theme Business Management on June 23, 2021.

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On the fourth day of the activity, the theme Content Development was presented by I Nengah Muliarta (Editorial Board of and Machroni Kusuma (Editor in Chief of Berita Indonesia Link). The theme of Distribution Development was presented by Irna Gustiawati (Editor in Chief of and Yuli Sulistyawan (GM Content Tribunnews) on 25 June 2021.

A number of media leaders such as, Iin Yumiyati (Editor in Chief News and Deputy Director, Citra Dyah Prastuti (Editor in Chief and Maryadi (VP Business & Digital Katadata) will fill the workshop material for Monday’s session ( 28 June) and Tuesday (29 June).

After this training, AMSI will select 10 media teams to receive mentorship by Jakarta online media practitioners. This intensive activity will be provided for three months to deepen the material and practice of media development according to the needs of local media.

Report: Shen Keanu

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